How Think2Perform Began

Founding partners Doug Lennick and Dr. Rick Aberman met in 1997. At the time, Doug was the Executive Vice President at American Express Financial Advisors (now Ameriprise Financial). Rick was at the forefront of the emerging field of emotional intelligence and performance psychology. The two men shared a common interest that would eventually bring them together as business partners: how to create sustained optimal performance in individuals and organizations. In 2002, Lennick Aberman Group began introducing its unique performance enhancement methodology to organizations across numerous industries and around the world.

As their clients started exceeding organizational goals, they also reported personal transformations that included better marriages, healthier lifestyles and improved satisfaction with life in general. Many who experienced this transformation became so enamored with the process that they joined Lennick Aberman Group, eager to share their knowledge and real world experience. As their numbers grew, the partners agreed it was time to give their firm a name that reflected the profound simplicity and broad-based appeal of its methodology. Think2Perform was launched in 2013 as the new company name, along with online access to life-changing, performance enhancing tools that would be accessible to individuals as well as organizations.